315 Guild

A regionally based, globally scoped, family of metaversal pioneers becoming sustainable web 3 entrepreneurs.

315 Guild:

A regional-based, globally-scoped, metaverse community of Web 3 developers, artist content creators, cryptocurrency traders, and de-banked users.

With a main focus on morals and integrity, the 315 Guild has brought together, under the protection of blockchain technology, artists, musicians, writers, gamers, photographers, filmmakers, and all other contributors to the metaverse, focused on creating a secure and interoperable ecosystem as a launch pad for Web 3 projects. 

GM Logo

$GM Token Matic Network:

Anatomy of a 315 Guild Membership

315 Guild Infographic

There are two main smart contracts that the Guild will begin with. The first is a non-fungible token (NFT) which represents membership in the Guild.

The second is a fungible ERC-20 token, $GM, to represent the greater economy of the Guild as a whole, which will facilitate services and utilities to guild members.

Who Makes Up The 315 Guild?

Artists | Writers | Musicians

315 Guild Forged NFT’s give you the ability to collect Royalties on your work after it’s sold. It’s all in the smart contract. Nothing for the artist to worry about.

Gamers | Film Makers | Photographers

315 Guild Forged NFT’s offer a totally new and extremely universal way to present content and create incentive to purchase, literally farming tokens that add bonus value to the initial purchase. An industry first that is sure to attract attention. 

Contributors | Professionals | Enthusiasts

It takes all types to form a Guild like this. We look forward to working with and helping everyone in the 315 Guild find their place. Community is everything to our “decentralized family” and the future excites us.

315 Guild Super Powers

Our team of developers are laser focused on creating a blockchain secured, safe environment for metaverse contributors of all kinds.

Guild Forge

The 315 Guild Forge is the first of its kind, allowing the world’s first farmable NFT’s to be minted. Meaning you have the ability to sweeten the pot, by preloading your NFT’s with a balance of GM tokens to be farmed over time, adding instant value to any piece of art.

Exclusive Minting

Until sold out, 315 Guild memberships allow the owners the opportunity to onboard friends and family to our exclusive organization by minting more 315 membership NFT’s that will also over 150 days from purchase, farm 20,000 GM tokens for its owner.

VIP Access

315 Guild members get exclusive access to all of our Telegram and Discord channels. Discover all the latest and best information on everything crypto… including things like, P2E gaming and Decentralized Finance right at your fingertips, all supported by Guild members who care about community.

More to be unlocked!



GM Token ERC20 contract deploy, Mumbai & Matic.


Guild Membership NFT contract deployed to Mumbai for open testing.


Guild website alpha deployed for open testing.


Guild documentation established.


Guild Membership NFT contract deployed to Matic.


Guild Membership NFT Public Sale start – 7 day period.


Guild Forge deployed to Mumbai for open testing.


Guild Forge site section deployed for open testing.


Initial GM liquidity establishment – On the last day of Public Sale.


Public Sale ends, and Membership GM harvesting begins.


Guild Forge deployed to Matic.


Guild Forge open for minting (with GM rewards)


Guild Member NFT Studio Gallery deployed to mumbai


Custom NFT Studio Gallery web 3 showcase dapp deploy


First Member NFT Studio Gallery deployed to matic


Stay tuned! 

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