315 Guild: A regional-based, globally-scoped, metaverse community of Web 3 developers, artist content creators, cryptocurrency traders, and de-banked users.

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1.        315 Guild Introduction and Background

The Guild is structured as a decentralized software production organization, metaverse DAO community, and general web 3 technical and cultural exploration support structure. The Guild has its roots in the ‘315 Crypto’ Facebook Group, with members either from, or connected to, people in the 315 area code (Central New York). The Guild represents one of the few tokens with regional beginnings and likely the first metaverse DAO community with regional roots: a genuine community effort.

There are two main smart contracts that the Guild will begin with. The first is a non-fungible token (NFT) which represents membership in the Guild. The second is a fungible ERC-20 token, $GM, to represent the greater economy of the Guild as a whole, which will facilitate services and utilities to guild members.

This whitepaper is a work in progress, with many new Guild exclusive web and app features on the road ahead. New features will be added as we move forward, as well as new creative utilities for the $GM token. The Guild has a website deployed, as both a public inquiry landing-page, and member-only gateway to exclusive Guild metaverse content.

2.        Guild Membership NFTs

Membership NFTs are first and foremost a limited access key to 315 Guild metaverse content and everything developed within our Guild community. The Guild Membership NFT will be used as an authorization token on all of our Guild software websites and apps: most of the content will be accessible to Guild Members only.

We have plans to build all kinds of great decentralized utilities and services to make our metaverse experiences more safe, smart, efficient, enjoyable, and amongst friends. Membership NFTs will first be mintable by the public for a minting fee of 100 MATIC each, for a limited period of time. Once the limited time public sale is over, only existing guild members may continue minting more 315 Membership tokens. So, as long as you mint at least one in the public sale period, you’ll be free to mint more unconditionally as a Guild Member, until the supply of 10,000 membership NFTs are fully minted.

Each Guild Membership NFT will come with a “Rewards Claim” for 20,000 $GM tokens, which will be released over a total of about 150 days. All of the MATIC coming in from membership NFT sales will be used for establishing relatively permanent (guild owned) liquidity on $GM.

Guild Membership (NFT) Supply = 10,000

Guild Membership Minting Fee = 100 MATIC

Guild Membership Vested $GM Rewards = 20,000 GM/Membership

3.        Guild Membership NFT Contract

Matic Network Address:

Mumbai Testnet Address:

4.        GM Token

The GM token is a fungible token that represents the guild’s economy as a whole. Generally, all functionalities that the Guild provides to members, or to the public, will both charge and reward GM tokens going forward. The Guild will retain 15 million GM tokens as it’s primary asset, and every Guild Membership NFT minted has a claim of 20,000 GM tokens released over time, as noted above.

The token name, GM, is a meme term that has many meanings, but the most official is as an acronym for Guild Member token, or Guild Money. The more common use of GM is greeting others in metaverse space, as in Good Morning or Gonna MakeIt. It is a gesture that we intend to work together as much as we can and play together even more. We share a simple goal, in terms of the 315 area code and the initial group of Guild community members, that we deserve a better economy and we understand that crypto has the potential to greatly improve our economy and lives. This is our journey: to actively learn and explore how that will work and to act as a local force of decentralization and Web 3 adoption support. GM’s market value, as an economic fuel, will represent our success and value in this endeavour going forward.

We have a lot of great Web 3 utilities in the works for Guild members and everything will revolve around the $GM token.

The total and maximum supply of GM is 315 million. The Guild will retain 15 million GM as a house asset. 100 million GM, combined with all MATIC coming in from membership NFT minting fees, will be used to establish liquidity for GM. And the final 200 million GM will be vested with a 20,000 GM claim on all 10,000 Guild Membership NFTs.

5.        315 Guild Website


6.        GM Token ERC-20 Contract

Matic Network Address:

Mumbai Testnet Address*:


*Matic Network should be used primarily, but there will also be frequent new features and updates coming down the pipeline that Guild members will be able to test and give feedback on as well, so the Mumbai address is worth listing at this time.

7.        GM Token Supply

Rewards Allocation = 200,000,000 GM

Liquidity Allocation = 100,000,000 GM

Treasury Allocation = 15,000,000 GM


Total/Max Supply = 315,000,000 GM

8.        GM Reward Emissions

Total GM Rewards = 200,000,000 GM

Total GM Rewards per Membership = 20,000 GM

GM Emissions per Membership per block = 0.00315 GM

Estimated Emissions period per Membership = ~150 days

Raw minted GM ratio = 200 GM : 1 Matic, or 0.005 MATIC per GM

9.        GM Liquidity Establishment

Total GM Liquidity Allocation = 100,000,000 GM

Total Matic Liquidity Allocation = 1,000,000 MATIC

Liquidity established at 100 GM : 1 Matic, or 0.01 MATIC per GM

10.        GM Forge

The Guild GM Forge is guild member only NFT minting facility, which “forges” an amount of the GM token onto the NFT creation. The amount of GM sent to the forge contract is immediately burned out of circulating supply, and then a claim for the amount of GM is placed on the newly minted NFT, in the same way a GM claim is included with Membership NFTs, released over time at a rate of 0.00315 GM per block.

Before an account is able to mint the first Guild Forged NFT, a one time permanent author name is set by the user, and the Guild Forge is approved of GM spending. Once an author is created and approved, a relatively unlimited number of NFTs can be forged by the account provided continued guild membership. The user uploads an image file type, sets the amount of GM to forge with the piece, and a name for it. The author’s name is automatically added to the forged NFT information. The name shows [name] by [author], and description, the amount of GM claim left on the NFT. This shows in secondary markets like Opensea as well.

Once minted a Guild Forge NFT can be “repaired” by adding more GM to the NFT’s GM claim, where GM is first burned out of circulation.

11.        Recycling Protocol

The recycling protocol consists of a fungible token configured to allow access control to another contract, allowing minting new tokens if supply is available, as well as burning tokens in its possession. The recycling contract can only burn tokens that it owns. This protocol allows utility extensions to be added to the main fungible token facilitating token claims to be retained outside of circulating supply.

12.        Guild Road Map


GM Token ERC20 contract deploy, Mumbai & Matic.


Guild Membership NFT contract deployed to Mumbai for open testing.


Guild website alpha deployed for open testing.


Guild documentation established.


Guild Membership NFT contract deployed to Matic.


Guild Membership NFT Public Sale start – 7 day period.


Guild Forge deployed to Mumbai for open testing.


Guild Forge site section deployed for open testing.


Initial GM liquidity establishment – On the last day of Public Sale.


Public Sale ends, and Membership GM harvesting begins.


Guild Forge deployed to Matic.


Guild Forge open for minting (with GM rewards)


Guild Member NFT Studio Gallery deployed to mumbai


Custom NFT Studio Gallery web 3 showcase dapp deploy


First Member NFT Studio Gallery deployed to matic


Stay tuned!